Here’s 7 minutes of your life you’ll never get back

Ever wonder what happens when you hand some cameras to a bunch of Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists?  Scary stuff.  Actually, we’re having a lot of fun with them as we figure out the toolset, microphones, lighting, etc.  In this stellar installment, I interview Matt Hester.

As you can probably tell, Matt and I are bound to get in trouble with these things.  We interviewed a bunch of customers at the Houston, Texas Windows Server 2008 Launch Event.  We’re going to be at the Phoenix, Las Vegas and Dallas launch events as well.  Come chat with us.

We’re thinking of driving from Phoenix to Vegas and hitting each watering hole along the way.  We are making an assumption they actually exist.  Might be fun to have a few long necks with the locals.  “Hey buddie, you running Hyper-V in that John Deere?”  Ha!

Ever looked at the price of a combine?  $300,000 for the 2008 John Deere Corn Combine.  Wow!  I wonder how long it takes to pay one off.

Note to Self: Don’t chew gum when on camera. 

Comments (5)

  1. Cool! You guys are like "Thelma and Louise" 🙂

    – Kai

  2. smearp says:

    Looks like you have the toolset and microphone down, but as to lighting… you might want to have some 😉

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, lighting is an issue.  I refuse to carry around a big light.  It’s just too much hassle to travel with.  I considered getting a small camera light, but they are expensive and I’m not sure they’ll help that much.

    If someone has some suggestions, I’m all ears.

  4. Harold Wong says:

    Thelma and Louise??  I was thinking more along the lines of Laurel and Hardy.  Or how about Lucy and Ethel.  Or the Odd Couple?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  5. Orlando says:

    Excellent Guys!…You said it – Windows Rocks!

    I agree, don’t chew gum infront of cameras :- ).. you can also throw some questions to the attendees


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