And you thought I was kidding about a 100Mbs fibre connection to my house

NEW YORK - Verizon technicians are upgrading FiOS with next-generation electronics to dramatically enhance the speeds, and thus the capabilities, of Verizon's all-fiber-optic FiOS broadband, video and voice network.

Known as gigabit passive optical network (G-PON) equipment, the new electronics can increase the line-rate bandwidth on the Verizon fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network by four times downstream to the customer and eight times upstream back to the network. This provides the capability for future enhancements to Verizon's industry-leading FiOS Internet and FiOS TV products as new applications are developed and as customers demand more bandwidth.

Mark Wegleitner, Verizon Telecom's senior vice president-technology, said Verizon has already started to deploy G-PON broadly across the company's FiOS system.  The new equipment is being used in communities where Verizon is building FTTP for the first time. "Already, our all-fiber network is proving that it can deliver faster Internet speeds," Wegleitner said.  "G-PON electronics position us for the next level of even faster Internet speeds and even more interactive FiOS TV with new features.

"The G-PON deployment also illustrates the future-proof aspects of FiOS: We can use the same fiber network we use today but enhance the speed and capacity with new electronics in our central offices and at the customer premises."

The states where Verizon began initial deployment of G-PON are:  California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas.

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Verizon, are you hiring?

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  1. No doubt they’ll put you on the Beta….especially after they see the amount of bandwidth you’re sucking up from their CO.


    …..who thinks 100MBPS will correct my horrible skills in Halo 3 multiplayer.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I doubt it.  Texas will likely be last.  Apparently when you are first into a service, you move to last for any upgrades.  We haven’t had any upgrades in North Texas while the east coast still keeps getting all of the cool stuff.  Apparently some "webmaster" didn’t code the previous promotion very well and instead of offering thehigh bandwidth tiers to just Florida, it was visible to the entire country.  Now we’ll have to wait for the next false start.

  3. its not just the webmaster’s fault. VZ had some issues with software deployment in the last couple of months, so a number of states didnt get the benefit of the Gpon. …. im an ex-SDLC team member of VZ.


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