Finally, Good Advice from Robert Scoble

Robert's good people but sometimes he irks me.  He does that on purpose of course.  Creating chaos helps drive the conversation and Robert is obviously great at that.  I'll read his blog briefly every week  or so to see who he's promoting or picking a fight with.  This week I noticed he posted some information on CES I thought was pretty good.  See for a quick read.  We're all going to get pounded with announcements in the the next week or so sit back, relax, crack the top on a cold one and enjoy the show at

Oh, and if you didn't notice, HP has gone on the offensive and announced a number of kewl machines and products yesterday.  Not to be outdone, Dell dropped the price of the XPS 420 I've written about.  And just think, the Mac frenzy at MacWorld 2008 hasn't started yet.  Save those pennies... there's no telling what is going to happen the next two weeks.

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