Installing Zune on the managed corporate machine

How many of you are running a corporate laptop and plan to install the Zune software?  Are you also using an internal Windows Software Update Server (WSUS) implementation?  If you are using such a configuration and aren't connected so that the WU client can connect to your WSUS servers, the Zune installation may fail when it goes to check for updates.  Ask me how I know...

Consumer meet IT.  IT meet Consumer.

[UPDATED]  I removed the reference to managed desktops.  This is really a mobile disconnected scenario.  See the comments for further clarification.

Comments (4)

  1. bitzie says:

    Then why is there a Zune category in WSUS then?

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I’m a bonehead.  I should not have added the words "and desktops" to the description in the original post.  I have removed it.

    The scenario here is really about the mobile workforce like myself.  I have a laptop that is joined to a Microsoft domain and has group policy settings applied.  Therefore, my laptop is pointed at some internal WSUS servers for updates.  I really hate that because I am offline of the corporate network about 95% of the time.

    So when I went to install Zune on my corp laptop, the initial install failed because I wasn’t connected via VPN and the update check failed.

    On try number two I was connected via VPN and it succeeded.

  3. MikeB. says:

    I had this situation, my solution was to disable network connectivity and install then connect back to the network and I was good to go.

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