How do you deal with 888 new Inbox messages?

I'm going to assume a lot of you have at least seen or heard about email rules.  Hopefully you use them to triage messages hitting your Inbox.  I know people in my org who don't use rules.  Today would have been a wake up call for those people.  As you might have guessed from my blog, I'm a PMP enthusiast.  PMP = Portable Media Player.  And unless you were really busy today, you might have noticed we started selling the next generation Zunes.

Well, our internal Zune email alias got pounded today with congratulations, product reviews, internal reviews, questions, you name it.  To the tune of 888 messages that hit my Inbox in the past 24 hours.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Our Exchange servers have been busy.  And I still have 3000 unread messages in my mailbox.  If you aren't using rules, you will need to learn before you come to work here.  In fact, I am interviewing people all day Friday.  A new batch of questions comes to mind...  grin

[UPDATE] In the past 5 minutes it jumped 40.  WOW.

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  1. you deal with it? CTRL-A, SHIFT-DEL, Y 🙂

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