Matt enters the "Dawg Pound" and lives to tell about it

Like all of the team members on my team, Matt Hester has a high definition video camera.  He has a special relationship with the Cleveland Browns NFL front office and they allowed him to film an interview with Gordon Foust, the Browns IT Director. 

Matt asked me beforehand, "What questions would be interesting to readers of our blogs?"  I said that's easy.  I would like to know how technology has changed the way a NFL team prepares for, and more importantly, wins a game.

See Matt's results at

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  1. michael toth says:

    anderson has got to go he is horrifying the only reason he looks soo good is the recievers are awesome. anderson pads his stats when he throws short of the first down… most of his other passes are too short at the recievers feet or just not even close he stinks it’s quinn’s time now !!!!!also the coaching is the worst since sam ratigliano romeo has got to go it’s like he dos’nt know the rules or how to play the game .. i could go on but i think you get the picture. lose anderson lose romeo and maybe we will do something good. i have the solution. hire trussel , start quinn, get a defensive line and a decent safety then we will have a team!!!!!

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