Apple cratered my Mac

I decided last night to finally let the Apple update software download and update my Apple MacBook Pro.  I received the Pro a little less than a month ago and immediately upgraded it to "Leopard" which is OS X v10.5.  As with all of the modern operating systems, OS X includes a tool that notifies…


TiVoToGo likes my Zune 80 and Archos 605 WIFI

One of the people that discovered my blog and the Archos 605 WIFI posting asked me about using TiVoToGo with the Archos player.  I’ve been meaning to try out the TiVo software so it was just the incentive I needed to check things out.  I like this time of year.  I get to burn some…


Zune 80 First Impressions

The Hunt The early bird gets the worm and I almost missed mine.  When the new Zune’s went on sale a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a big deal.  I went so far as to stop by Wal*Mart at midnight to try to snag one.  The discussion with the late shift…


New Mobile Specialist hired !!!

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been recruiting and interviewing candidates.  Well, I found an excellent candidate and we’ve been in intensive training in the deep woods of Georgia.  Here he is…  I know, he’s a bit young but we need to start early these days.   Happy Holidays everyone !!! "See…


DVD Adventures with the Zune 80, Archos 605 WIFI and Zen Vision W

It seems like every year around this time, I’m in exploration mode on the new gadget in my portfolio.  This year is no exception and there were some unexpected surprises with my testing results.  If you look back at last years post, you’ll see we had the PSP, iPod Video, Zune 30 and Zen Vision…


Installing Zune on the managed corporate machine

How many of you are running a corporate laptop and plan to install the Zune software?  Are you also using an internal Windows Software Update Server (WSUS) implementation?  If you are using such a configuration and aren’t connected so that the WU client can connect to your WSUS servers, the Zune installation may fail when…


Gang of puppies!!!

Dogs rule, cats drool.  It’s actually the other way around (usually) but in the video, it’s clear that the puppies are squarely in control of the situation.  See Amits blog post and video at  Funny stuff.  The Pink Panther theme was genius.


What is it like to run Windows Vista on this?

This should get your blood pumping.  I mean, what’s it like to run Windows Vista on an overclocked Quad processor like this?  Let’s consider the first part of the specs: Intel® Core 2™ Extreme Processor (45nm) with Quad Core Technology Extreme 3.0GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 12MB full speed level 2 Cache. Alienware Factory Over-clocked from 3.0GHz…


Running the Zune 80 on Apple OS X v10.5

Don’t get mad, get even.  I must say I didn’t like the “review” Ryan Block gave the new Zune today on the website.  Maybe it’s because I own an Apple iPod Video 80GB.  Maybe it’s because I own a Playstation portable (PSP).  It might be because I own the Creative Zen Vision W.  Or it…