Microsoft versus the F.B.I.

fbi_logo Kai Axford, Senior Security Strategist and former Army Ranger has a lot of contacts in the government.  We've visited the US Secret Service crime labs, worked with the F.B.I. on various security events, and also worked with them on a variety of other work related activities.  That was until today.

Apparently the F.B.I wants to get personal.  They think they can beat us in a Halo 3.  I almost spewed my coffee when I read the email from Kai.  The nerve of these guys.  Who do they think they're dealing with here, a bunch of nerds?  Don't answer that.

I've been busy like the rest of you and frankly haven't spent much time on the multiplayer maps.  In fact, I haven't even touched one since the beta and I rarely played them during the alpha and beta.  This is just the incentive I needed.  Revenge is a powerful incentive. Grin.

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