TiVo rebates and official eSATA support

TiVoVerified For those of you with a HDTV, now you have a great new HD DVR upgrade to consider.  First of all, they have the $200 TiVo Series 3 rebate promotion going.  That means you can get the dual CableCard tuner Series 3 for $399 after rebate.  I still think it's the best deal on the market.  This rebate runs through 1/26/2008 so Santa has plenty of time to think about it.

Second is official support for adding an eSATA drive.  They have the official 500GB drive in the TiVo online store at https://www3.tivo.com/store/accessories.do.

After adding the drive to a standard Series 3 TiVo, you'll have 750GB of disk space which nets out to just under 100 hours of high definition recording space.  This means you'll be able to record all of those weekly shows and several movies for several weeks before you need to start worrying about overwrites. 

Keep in mind this is the official verified drive.  A lot of people have added other non-official 1TB drives which I think is a bit crazy unless you want a ready archive of HD movies.

So how do you get the official support?  Buy the TiVo.  Buy the drive.  Have the TiVo OS v9.2 blown down to your S3 across the wire.  Add the drive in the settings area.  Simple.  See http://research.tivo.com/91priority/index.htm for the 9.2 request form. 

Ready, Set, TiVo !!!


[Note] Before someone comments, if you are looking to do any of the above to save money over your current rented HD DVR, you aren't going to save money and that's really the wrong approach.  What you get by going this route is a better guide than you probably have, and more recording space.  You give up pay-per-view and on-demand.  For my family, this has been a non issue.  I routinely surf the TiVo guide data (HD movies) and pick new releases or oldies for recording.  So my family goes to the "Playing Now" area of the TiVo and they see our weekly shows and other movies I picked.  It rocks.

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