T-minus 7 days for Apple speculation

It's less than seven days now before Apple pulls the covers off their next round of products.  We do know of course OS X v10.5 goes on sale at 6pm next Friday, but what else might they reveal at that time?  If you were Steve Jobs, what additions or changes would you make to the product line to coincide with the "Leopard Launch" ???

apple Here's my list:

  1. Leopard Spotted MacBook - seems pretty obvious to have a few limited edition laptops in Leopard dress.  The real question is what type of leopard?  Black, snow or traditional?
  2. Thinner Model - how much thinner can they get exactly?  As long at it has a DVD drive, hard drive, and is sturdy, I guess I don't care.  Lighter is better when you travel.
  3. MacTablet - maybe a tablet form factor?  Everyone else is doing it now.
  4. Updated LCD screens - as popular as the MacBook Pro is, I'm surprised there hasn't been an update to the 1440x900 resolution of the 15.4" model.  I guess that resolution is ok, but I'm so used to 1680x1050 now, it seems like a step backward.  I'm holding out until the 26th so we'll see.  1920x1200 is the opposite extreme on the 15.4" LCD.
  5. Updated thermals - have they fixed the heat issues in the MacBook Pro yet?
  6. Revised OS X license - wouldn't it be nice if they revised the OS X license so it could be run in a virtual machine.  Pipe dream.
  7. Zune Support - automatic recognition and syncing of Microsoft Zune players.  More pipe smoke.
  8. More configuration choices - I'm thinking about the memory configs for the MacBook Pro here.  Let's face it, there aren't many places to cut corners.  Apple doesn't ship the laptop with a single SoDIMM so there's little opportunity to save money on memory.
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