The HD video camera I have

Video cameras are everywhere but they are predominantly standard definition.  Chris Henley came up with the idea that each of the presenters on my team should have a camera to record customer testimonials, life on the road, etc.  But in this day and age, shouldn't those cameras be high definition?  You bet yer 1080i they should !!! 

So Chris convinced Dad to fork over the funds for a HD video camera for each person on my team.  Pricey little suckers.  Since they are high def, we'll be pushing the envelope soon on streaming and publishing and we are lining up some meetings with the various platform folks at to discuss requirements, best practices for production, etc.

HDR-HC7 What camera are we using?

Most of the folks on my team purchased the Sony HDR-SR5C.  This is a nice little camera with a 100GB hard drive.  The connection from the camera to your laptop or PC is USB via a mini docking station that came with the camera.

I opted for the Sony HDR-HC7 instead.  This is a top loading MiniDV tape high def video camera.  This camera includes both USB and IEEE 1394 "firewire" connections as well as a host of other features like a remote control.  It's slightly bigger and heavier than the HDR-SR5C but I don't need to carry around the docking station.  If I want to do some edits on the road, I can just carry the firewire cable and plug it into the Lenovo ThinkPad T61p I use.

I've already tested it's ability to record HD.  My very first test was to record some shots of me in front of my high def 58" DLP HDTV with some movies playing behind me.  I figured it would give me an idea of how well it would do since I already know what those movies look like on my set. It did really well.  I'll need to learn how to control the aperture and focus more effectively, but it was a great first test.

We'll be doing some interesting work with the cameras and will start posting the results very soon.  Stay tuned for that...

Comments (4)

  1. ML49448 says:

    Hey Keith, cool idea.  I actually JUST got home with my new Canon HG10.  So far I’m in love with it.

  2. Augustin says:

    Hey guys! Can you help me out, pls? Does any of you know if those HDDs camcorders can act like an webcam? I know those with firewire can, but i see those like Canon HG10 don’t have firewire. Thank you!

  3. Keith Combs says:

    I don’t believe any of the Sony video cameras we have support live video streaming.  I know some of the Sony cameras do, because the SD camera I have does.  You’ll have to dig around on their site to see if that feature is supported in any of the HD models.  Sorry, I have no idea.

  4. ChrisQuilts says:

    Are there any hdd camcorders that have iEEEE and will work on a Mac?

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