Lance does the WOW thang

It's funny that Lance Ulanoff just tested and loved one of the features literally everyone on my team is testing right now.  Everyone on my team has a new high definition video camera.  Apparently Lance does, too. 

In the article, "I Found Vista's WOW", Lance discovered a hidden gem called Windows Movie Maker.  As Lance indicates, Movie Maker is designed to make the chore of offloading video and creating a DVD very simple.  In fact, many of the features in Windows Vista were designed with simplicity in mind.

For those of you familiar with world of making videos, you know that many products are far from simple.  When you further add the density of high def video data, chores like encoding take more time.

I'll be blogging an article soon on my impressions of the products I have tested recently.  I have Windows Vista Movie Maker (of course), Roxio, Nero, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Sony Vegas Movie Studio and DVD Architect.

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