More Halo 3 fun

Seen the next chapter in the Halo 3 mini movie?  Right click the pic and SAVE AS the movie local to watch it.


Microsoft versus the F.B.I.

Kai Axford, Senior Security Strategist and former Army Ranger has a lot of contacts in the government.  We’ve visited the US Secret Service crime labs, worked with the F.B.I. on various security events, and also worked with them on a variety of other work related activities.  That was until today. Apparently the F.B.I wants to…


Scope creep

Anyone who has ever developed a software product knows the term.  Nearly anyone who has ever been responsible for project planning understands the term.  People who work with other people to define a set of requirements for a contract understand it’s extremely difficult to have the magic crystal ball with pure clarity of vision at…


Engadget compares OS X v10.5 to Windows Vista

The folks at Engadget have an blogpost comparing the two operating systems.  Check it out and see if you agree with their opinion.


Sean’s Time Machine Review

I think Sean might be a tad disappointed in one of the Leopard features called Time Machine.  It would appear the new backup feature didn’t live up to his expectations.  Here’s a quote from his blog entry: “But with two-and-a-half years of development, Apple has surely gotten backup right in Leopard, right?  Time machine certainly…


iAttended the "Leopard" launch tonight

After running my errands this evening, I decided to truck on down to my local Apple store and see how things were cooking for the launch of OS X v10.5 "Leopard". I arrived at the store in question at about 5:50pm knowing there would likely be a huge crowd, jugglers, clowns, hot dogs on the…


TiVo says, "Ready, Set, Go to Sleep !!!"

A couple of days ago I went up to the website and filled out the form to request the new TiVo OS v9.2.  Well, it arrived early this morning while I was watching the HD recording of "Big Shots" so I snapped a pic of the message.  Ha Ha Ha.  Scared the crap outta…


Oops – WSUS WDS issue investigation results

Most of the time as an evangelist I report on good stuff.  You know, product updates, kewl technology, etc.  Thankfully I don’t have to report on bad stuff very often but I would be remiss if I didn’t point my readers to the post by the WSUS team at  Hopefully you weren’t negatively impacted.  I’m…


Need a Windows Server 2008 deployment tool ??? – check this out

We are pleased to announce the RC1 release and new name for the fourth generation deployment Solution Accelerator, Microsoft Deployment.  The current generation of automated deployment tools from Microsoft is increasingly unified; the same tools, utilities and products in many cases offer support and functionality for desktop and server deployment tasks. Following the trend of…


Belkin n52te – let the games begin

WOW.  This is a kewl product from Belkin.  Yea, you have to be a pretty hard core PC gamer to truly appreciate it, but purely from a design point of view, look at the innovation and beauty.  I wonder how long it takes to really ramp up and pwn with this controller.  Duck!!!