Windows Server 2008 screencast – NAP VLANs with a Cisco Switch

Michael Kleef has been doing some incredible demonstrations down in Australia and New Zealand.  I'd like to watch them in person, but it's pretty far from Texas.  But you and I can see him in action because like many of us, he's doing screencasts directly off his blog.  He calls them blogcasts.  Must be an Aussie thing.  Grin. 

Anyway, the one that caught my eye this evening is the one he recorded on NAP VLANs.  Check it out at:

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  1. Rob says:

    Very nice.  Thanks again Keith for a great find.  I think he calls it a blogcast because you have to download his entire blog to view the thing!  It’s 125meg and half the planet away…  took half an hour to buffer enough to play…

  2. Yeah sorry about the size – it was the camera footage that blew it out and not being a fan of grainy looking images I kept it at full res.

    Normally my screencasts/blogcasts are much smaller like the new RODC demos.

  3. Rob says:

    No worries.  The content more than made up for the pause.  I love how you spend 18 minutes setting things up and then describe how IPSec is "much harder to get working".  ha!

    Where I worked recently we had Symantec and Spysweeper running..  I had a few users that through sheer willpower were able to infect their machines with trojans and spyware in spite of both of these programs.  How would NAP work in those cases?  Could it detect that the anti-virus programs had be compromised?  Or that they were still running but with known infections that could not be cleaned?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brian Tucker’s at it again. He’s gone SCCM 2007 mad! He’s done a blogcast…actually lots of blogcasts

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