How about a little crow with that DVD burner dinner?

Ok, do you want the good news or the bad news first?  Well, the good news is that I was right.  The bad news is that I was right.  Huh?  What are you talking about?  Ok, remember a few days ago I was whining about my DVD burns not working, then I narrowed things down to Roxio 9.1?  Well, that wasn't entirely accurate. 

Roxio 9.1 Data ProjectYou see, I'm used to using Roxio Creator Classic so of course that's what I was testing with (creating bootable Ghost restore disks).

Then I stumbled across the shell they really want you to use.  As you see in the screenshot to the right, it's very different from the Creator Classic interface (assuming you have seen it). 

But the biggest difference is that it works.  That's the good and bad news.  Because it works, I can't in good conscience return the product.  I have integrity.  I don't want a retailer like BestBuy to eat any sort of return cost.  If the product was truly defective it would be a different story.

Why would I want to return it, if it works?

Because with rebates, Nero 7 is free right now. Ok, if I buy it online it'll cost me $7 in shipping.  If I go to Fry's in person, it's free.  Heck, I'll probably go ahead and get a copy of Nero anyway.  Free is free and I'm a rebate tracking son of a gun.

I have to go to Fry's anyway and swap memory for my new toy arriving next week.

Speaking of rebates, where's my TiVo rebate? 

Have a fun three day weekend everyone!

[UPDATE]  The deal on Nero at the Fry's website is gone.  They must have sold out.  I'm guessing a new version is coming because free is a fabulous deal, and the deal I got on Roxio was half price.  Roxio probably has a new version coming, too.

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  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    That link for the free nero is broken when I tried it.

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