Spaceworld – taking the NASA tour via Photosynth

spaceworld You are probably getting ready to see all sorts of blogs posts on this because frankly, Photosynth is very very cool.

Photosynth uses hundreds of standard digital camera images to construct a three-dimensional view of an environment or "synth". These synths can be explored much like a video game, allowing you to explore, zoom into tiny details, and see where the photographer was standing (or flying) when they took the pictures.

Now that you know what is is, head on over to to see the NASA collections.

Current NASA collections include:

  • The interior and surrounding area of the Vehicle Assembly Building, the largest one-story building in the world, used for housing external fuel tanks and flight hardware, and the location of the Orbiter stacking with the solid rocket boosters and external fuel tank to prepare for the space shuttle launch.
  • Endeavour on the launch pad including amazing detail shots taken from a helicopter
  • The previous flight STS-117 Shuttle Atlantis returning from Edwards Air Force Base in California to Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility.

For some background on this project, see the video at or the collections at  See other Phtotosynth collections at

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