The cat is out of the bag – Windows Vista Product Guide screencasts

You'll notice over the next couple of weeks that members of my team are going to be posting Windows Vista screencasts.  Our goal is to produce a screencast demo of every feature listed in the Windows Vista Product Guide.  At a minimum, that would be about 200+ screencasts.  That's a lot of information my friends.

To create those screencasts, we are using TechSmith's Camtasia Studio v4.01.  We purchased copies of the software for everyone on my team.  I also purchased Plantronics .Audio 350 headsets for everyone.  Of course some of my colleagues needed some assistance so we did a couple of rounds of training.

This project was my idea but there's no way in hell to pull it off without help.  Matt Hester, Chris Henley, Chris Avis, Kevin Remde, Bryan Von Axleson and Shawn Travers stepped up and produced a bunch of the goodies.  We're no where near done, but when we are, we plan to have a hypertext version of the product guide online to you can use the guide as a tour of all of the features in Windows Vista.  Pretty kewl idea, eh?

If there are any other Microsoft employees that want to participate in this project, please contact me.  You'll need a copy of Camtasia and a good headset as a prerequisite.  Sorry, I don't have the budget to buy any additional software and hardware.

I'll be posting articles and links to the screencasts I did very soon.  I hope you enjoy them and let me know if there are any recommended changes to the video format and delivery.

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  1. Chris E. Avis says:

    I have already posted a handfull over at my blog –

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