Windows Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 available for download

While I was in Las Vegas last week, the virtualization team wrapped another product release and made it available for web download.  I still think they should have called it D2 but I guess we wanted to avoid any trouble with the trademark Jedi knights.

Not only that, the web Jedi cooked up a whole new look and set of resources for the virtualization nation. See the new Virtual Server resource center at

Download VS 2005 R2 SP1 @


Hosting Core Infrastructure Production Workloads Using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2

Microsoft® Virtual Server 2005 R2 provides a means by which to reduce or eliminate some of the costs, server count, and IT resource effort associated with operating and managing an enterprise infrastructure. Virtual Server 2005 R2 allows enterprises to host some production workloads in virtual machines reducing hardware and provisioning costs. Virtual machines allow multiple operating systems to run on a single physical computer. This can help reduce the total number of physical servers required to serve production workloads.

Download the guide @


Creating High Availability Computing Solutions Using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2

This document describes Virtual Server host clustering and its benefits for both the information technology (IT) professionals and the end users in your organization. It also covers the factors to take into consideration when planning to deploy Virtual Server host clustering. Finally, it provides step-by-step guidance on how to configure and test your Virtual Server host cluster.

Download the guide @

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