Are you Windows XP free?

I took another step towards running a pure Windows Vista household.  During my discussions this weekend with the fine folks at the AICPA Tech 07 Conference, I mentioned one of the barriers for my household is the HP All-In-One software for my printer.  I also realized at that point Monday it had been a while since I checked the HP website.

Since I could never seem to locate a webpage or document that listed the printers that would make the Windows Vista cut, I just assumed my printers would not make the bar.  We have two.  One at my wife's retail store and one here at the house.  They are great little printers and the built-in networking  rocks.  I would never buy a printer that doesn't have networking although these days there are many ways to share a printer.

Anyway, much to my amazement, HP has created the needed software for the Photosmart 2610.  See  I suspect this software is used by a bunch of printers so be sure to check and see if your printer is now supported on Windows Vista.  After installation I immediately did a scan of some hotel receipts and emailed them.  Ahhhh, nice to have my scanner back.

Thank you HP !!!  You have restored my faith in your brand again.  Heck, you may get my business for the next quad proc desktop personal computer or laptop purchase.

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  1. John says:

    As an I.T. Manager, I’d like to know how many other of you that like me look forward to reading Keith’s blahg’s daily, have switched to Vista in your business environment? If you have, what was the main reason you upgraded? For a small business with 200 users, like the one I work for, we are having trouble finding reasons to justify moving away from Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Pro SP2. We are not leading edge technology wise (we run Exchange 2003, Office 2003 with lots of Access and Excel and thats about it).


  2. Steven Dorfmeister says:

    I admit being XP free, I was about two seconds from going back however.  If Vista didn’t wipe out my master boot record where Dell keeps the handy Ghost image of XP I probably would have given up on a prob I was having.

    Turns out I was running up against the Vista and "older router" problems ( I tried everything and could not resolve.

    Symptoms where DHCP not working after coming out of hibernate and Vista assigning himself a local IP and it was uphill from there.

    My last effort seems to have worked…when in doubt by a new router. Is that what they say?

    Anyway after a new router, updated Intel Chipset (don’t ask why), all seems calm now in the "all Vista" household.


  3. Roger says:

    Hmmm, well I installe dthe software for the HP2610 and the scanner doesn’t work.  Did you see the same results?

  4. Keith Combs says:


    No, my scanner works great.  That’s how I scan expense report receipts.

    In fact, the printer and scanner software works better on Windows Vista than it does on Windows XP.  Did you install everything or do a custom install?

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