Only a couple more weeks left to win an Acer Ferrari notebook

It seems like ions ago that I posted  We're coming to the end of that promotion period but there's still a chance to win.  See the details in the post above with links to the official rules.  Good luck!!! 

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  1. Hi Keith:

    I read your earlier post,decided I needed to come up to speed on a lot of the new technologies, and set out in January to watch a lot of the webcasts and maybe win an Acer Ferrari laptop in the process.

    I learned a lot and also won one of the Ferraris.

    My mistake was in telling my daughter who is at the U of W. She managed to visit "dear old dad" shortly after the Ferrari arrived and before I had even opened the box. She loves it and tells me that I’ll probably get my first glimpse of the actual laptop now that summer break is beginning.

    Thanks for posting information about this promotion. I don’t think many of us would have known about it without your post. (In fact, I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t do more to get the word out.)

    Let us know about any other promotion series like this one. I’ll be happy to jump on board.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Grin.  She swiped it eh?  Lucky girl. I wish I could win one.  No matter, Microsoft gives me plenty of toys to keep me busy.

    I’m glad you won.  I never win anything and it’s good to hear from folks that do.

    Have a great weekend!!!

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