Windows Server 2008 screencast – Initial Configuration Tasks

Setting up Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 is pretty easy but there are a couple of initial configuration tasks that you should pay attention to.  Fortunately, like most of the recent product developments, we give you a nice checklist on what to do in a step-by-step manner.

Initial Configuration Task Screen

After you get through the install and setup of WS 2008, you'll notice that the administrative account is automatically logged into and you are presented with a screen with those steps.  What do you think the first step is?

You guessed it!  Create a complex password for the admin account.  There are a number of simple steps in the first two sections of the task list.  Most of the real work takes place in section three with the WS 2008 Server Manager which we'll defer to another screencast I'll post shortly.

The Screencast

This screencast will take five minutes to view and is very straightforward.  Short is good.  In fact, all of the screencasts I'm doing are intentionally being kept as short as possible.  You'll see some subsequent demos take longer, but that's the nature of the beast as we go deeper and deeper into the topics.  So here's the link to the Initial Configuration Tasks screencast:



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