Still on the fence about a PMP ?

Portable Media Players (PMP) still haven't really taken off yet in my opinion.  The markets still seem to be morphing and converging.  Most people are buying players for audio.  But video is coming into it's own.  Look at the Ultra Mobile PCs, small form factor laptops, portable DVD players and of course, the small form factor media players.

ARCHOS-704-WiFi-3-4 On the audio side, we know who's king.  The iPod continues market domination.  Their domination is so horrific that the Apple Shuffle recently won Portable Media Device of the Year in the Engadget awards.  I guess the portable media device of the year doesn't need a screen.  That really cracks me up.

If you've read this blog before, you know I have a nice portfolio of devices.  One of the makers missing from my stash is Archos.  I've been meaning to write about them again because I recently got my hands on one for a few minutes at DFW Airport Terminal D.  Terminal D is the swanky new terminal where you can get a $10 margarita at Cantina Laredo.

I was killing some time one day waiting for a flight and strolled through InMotion Entertainment.  InMotion sells the Archos players so the salesman let me touch and feel the Archos 704 Wifi for a few minutes.  This is one rad little player.  Seven inch LCD panel, 80GB hard drive, Wifi, etc.  At $550 you have to think pretty long and hard how bad you want one.  But consider this, the 80GB iPod Video is $350 and has a 2.5" screen.  Of course the iPod is much smaller and at 5.5 ounces, it's also one fourth the weight of the Archos 704 80GB player.

See all of the Archos 704 features at  I have a feeling one might show up at my house one day, but in the meantime, if one of you makes the plunge and purchases one, please comment on the good and bad here.

Maybe I should talk my marketing department into giving one of these away at each of my events.

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