Hook Em Horns !!!

lhb3install_thumb As you might suspect by now, we signed off the Beta 3 milestone of Windows Server Code Named "Longhorn" today.  I downloaded the build a few days ago and am building a new Longhorn Beta 3 virtual machine while I write this.

How would you like to do the same?

There's only one place you really need to remember.  http://www.microsoft.com/longhorn.  That link will redirect nicely to http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver/longhorn/default.mspx but it's easier to type.  Once there, you'll notice the download links, a link to the TechNet Resource Center, and tons of other information.

If you've been to any of the free TechNet US seminars this quarter (April - June), you saw us demonstrate the new "Server Core" installation option, creation of a Read Only Domain Controller and other fine demonstrations.  If you haven't been yet, feel free to register and come have some fun.

I noticed a few of the links to interesting Longhorn information weren't totally working yet but bear with us, things will get propagated and fixed over the next day or so.  For instance, the links to the "Book of Longhorn" aren't working yet, but when they are, I'll point you to them.

Of course, you could just cheat and go to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/beta/lhs/default.mspx and grab it RIGHT NOW !!!  You'll need to supply some information, but the end result is a product key and a link to the direct download.  When I tested things a few minutes ago, the links weren't working yet.  Get some sleep... I would imagine things will get fixed tonight or early tomorrow.

Enjoy our OS !!!

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