Windows Vista Resource Kit – in the wild

The astute know the Windows Vista Resource Kit is shipping and in the wild.  When I arrived at my house Friday, my copy was sitting on the front door step.  I'm surprised UPS didn't charge extra for the weight.  The resource kit book is huge. 1500+ pages huge.

The area strangely didn't have a current view and description of the book, table of contents, cd contents, etc.

So, you'll need to get that information from other sources on the grid like Barnes and NobleAmazon and other fine retailers.

The picture at right is a screenshot of the ebook version of the resource kit.  The ebook comes in .pdf format and is on the CD.  Buy the book, get the ebook.

If you squint real hard, you can tell the resource kit is geared towards IT Pros.  Part I is an Overview of Windows Vista.  Part II is on Deployment.  Part III is Desktop Management.  Part IV is Desktop Maintenance.  Part V is Networking and has extensive information on IPv6 which we can all use.  Part VI is Troubleshooting but you'll probably never need that with Windows Vista.  Ha! 

Troubleshooting is followed by the Appendices.  Appendix A is a System Files reference.  Appendix B is on User Rights.  Appendix C is on Accessibility.  I really need to review Appendix C because I seem to get questions on this subject at each show I do.

The CD contains deployment tools, scripts, the ebook and other stuff.  I just got mine so I'll be thumbing through it and reporting my likes/dislikes over time.  I really like the fact I have an electronic version of this bible.

Comments (2)

  1. CypherMike says:

    Good news indeed.

    I’m currently considering a Vista book purchase and am having a hard time deciding which one to get. I’m considering MS Press Windows Vista Administrators Pocket Consultant, MS Press Windows Vista Inside Out Jan 2007 and now the Resource Kit. I really don’t have the time to read two or even all three (I’ve eliminated quite a few others).

    Any suggestions from you or perhaps one of your readers?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I ordered 10 of these for my User Groups. They came in today, 1500 pages, times 10 I needed a 2 wheeler

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