All I need now is Virtual 360

The Xbox 360 team keeps cranking out the innovation.  If they keep it up, I'll be able to ditch my laptop and start doing my webcasts from my Xbox.  They took a step closer with the announcement yesterday on an integrated keyboard for the Xbox 360 controller.  Looks pretty kewl to me.

Now you'll be able to smack text.  No more worries about garbled VoIP.  Your opponent will know clearly that you meant to bonk them on the back of the head with the plasma rifle.

One other thing, make sure to remove your manager from your instant messaging contact list.  I'd hate for them to think you are discussing the latest project priorities from the couch and your Xbox 360 controller.  It doesn't exactly send the right "message".

Now if we can just get the Xbox team to release an x86 virtual machine execution environment, then I could deliver Longhorn webcasts from my Xbox 360.  🙂

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