My new car gets 40mpg, how about yours?

I went green.  Ok, not in the hybrid sense, but as in I'm saving lots of green.  I traded my high testosterone, high horse power, high payment, premium gas, low miles per gallon Infiniti G35 Coupe for a Honda Civic

Ok, pick yourself up off the floor.  Before you tell me, as Charles has done, that I'm totally crazy, consider the following:

  1. The Civic will get twice the miles per gallon as my old G35.
  2. The Civic uses regular old gasoline compared to the premium gas required in the G35.
  3. I'm saving $400 per month on the monthly payment and will have the Civic paid off just a few months after what would have been the payoff date of the G35.
  4. The Civic is a kewl looking and driving machine.  Now granted it doesn't have 300 horse power and won't stick you to the back of the seat, but it isn't designed too either.  It has half the horsepower.

Oh well, I thought you might be interested in how I'm spending my vacation time.  Spending money as usual.  Well, not really spending.  Besides, this will allow me to save some money for my next sports car...  🙂

Comments (4)

  1. benjamin says:

    Yeah, but everyone under the sun drives a Honda. Do you cave in to peer pressure every day? I bet you started smoking at 12, too, didn’t you? You got married because ‘it was the thing to do’ right?

    H old

    O n

    N ot

    D one

    A ccelerating

    Yup, that definitely applies here. Isn’t your car now just a Spree with four wheels?

    Ha, just kidding….

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I’m stick breaking it in so I don’t yet know if I need my Nikees to help get on the freeway.  

    Benjamin, do you drive a V8 truck or what?  🙂

  3. castrunk says:

    Now that we’ve thawed…49.6 MPG.

    (I have to remind my wife when she complains about 36 MPG in the dead of winter that most people don’t break 30 MPG.)

    I love our Prius.  Especially when I go slow enough to run entirely on electric in the neighborhood.  Scares the teenagers walking in the middle of the road when the find a car <i>following</i> them.


  4. Keith Combs says:

    LOL.  Prius stalking… 🙂

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