Next week is Windows Vista week on Channel9

Channel9 has a treat for everyone and it starts next week.  Charles Torre of Niner fame will have a bunch of fascinating interviews and videos on the core technologies that make up Windows Vista.  For instance, get the low down on Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) from Jon Schwartz (UAC Architect/Developer) and Chris Corio(UAC PM).  This will be a "Going Deep" episode that promises to, eh, go deep on how it works, why it is what it is, the problems UAC solves and the context of Windows usability.

Oh, and Charles gets in front of the camera as he's interviewed by Catherine Heller.  We'll see what Charles has learned as he "Connects the Dots" on Windows Vista.  Charles on the hot seat...  should be a crowd pleaser.  🙂

If you aren't familiar with Channel 9, head on over to and check it out.  It's an amazing site full of information for IT Pros and Developers.

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