Hello Kitty Hell

Last August rob and I were trading barbs about the pink PSP and other pink stuff.  Well, this evening I stumbled across the Hello Kitty Hell blog.  Of course I thought of rob since he's a fanboy, and I wanted to make sure and bring this to his attention.  I doubt it's needed since he probably already has the site in his favs or RSS feeds.  But just in case...

Some of the categories are shall we say... interesting.  For instance, see some of the posts at http://www.hellokittyhell.com/category/hello-kitty-strange/.  Might want to wait until you are not at the office, else your peers may wonder about you.  You were warned.  🙂

I personally thought the laptop at left would be a great choice as a TechNet demo machine.  I mean, nothing says performance quite like pink.  I'm sure Longhorn Server will be radical on one. I worry the boa might catch on fire though. 

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  1. Rob says:

    I can’t believe this site escaped my attention…  Hello Kitty pasta?  I’m so there…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robert, a cat lover in my region wanted me to make sure everyone was aware of some new wares for the

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