Naked Wireless Presenter Mouse pictures

I know how you hardware geeks are.  If you can't touch, you want some good hardware porn of the latest offerings.  Well, I was in the company store before my trip down to Houston this week, and this new wireless presenter mouse kept calling my name.

So I grabbed one of the packages, paid for the goods, and headed to the airport.  After dinner Monday night, I was watching Jack Bauer save the world and decided to see what this mouse would do.  Or more specifically, I wanted to see if it would work with the Lenovo ThinkPad T60p built-in Bluetooth.  I first tried it with the Bluetooth USB dongle that ships with the mouse.  It worked perfectly.  I tried it with the ThinkPad built-in Bluetooth and it worked very nicely as well.

This particular mouse has some interesting presenter features.  First, there's a button on top to flip into presenter mode, or back to mouse mode.  Second, the bottom of the mouse has buttons for going forward or backward in PowerPoint, volume control buttons for audio and video, a laser pointer button and other stuff.  My favorite button isn't a button but an on/off switch.

The mouse comes with a handy clear plastic case and wrist strap.  This is nice because you can throw it in your backpack or luggage and hit the road without worrying about it getting smashed or scratched.

Here's the pics pervert...  🙂


Comments (5)

  1. Josh Maher says:

    how well does it work in comparison to a traditional presenter?

  2. Gabriel Lozano-Moran says:

    The quality of the used materials sucks for such an expensive mouse. I blogged about this:

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Well, I just got mine and frankly have only used it a few hours.  I’ll post some objective review type information later after I’ve used it for a period of time.  

    One thing I dislike is the size.  I prefer bigger mouses.  The small laptop mice tend to cramp my hand, and I don’t have big hands.  I always end up switching back to a bigger mouse.  I liked the big blue Bluetooth mouse for that very reason.

    I’ll provide an update in a few weeks…

  4. benjamin says:

    Never will any input device compare to the Microsoft Trackball Explorer Optical. But alas, they stopped producing it for whatever reason.

    Any idea on where I can find one of these besides the overpriced ones on eBay?

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Yea the big ball rollers were kewl for sure.  I liked the big yellow one for the kids.  I have no idea why we discontinued some of them or where to get them now.  Sorry.

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