Global warming? Seen this?

For the past few years the big news has been global warming.  Katrina and all of the other hurricanes that slammed into Florida are symptoms.  Where I live (Texas), we've been in this huge drought that has many of us worried about next summer.  We received some rain recently that helped refill the lakes so some of the pressure has been relieved on that front.

This morning I woke up and of course took Elvis outside to do his doggie thing.  Uh, hello?  He looks up at me like, "You really expect me to go potty in this cold?"  It's pretty chilly.  Granted Texans are pretty big wusses when it comes to cold so I thought I'd check to see how the rest of the country is fairing.  I recalled seeing a story Monday night about the northern states being buried in snow.

Much to my dismay, the country is a bit frigid.  Check out the current chill factors.  You'll notice we don't have the Canadian temps on the map.  I think they do that for tourism purposes.  See Kai Axford's Canadian adventures for more on his Canadian tour:

Canada- Day 3 - Ottawa

Canada- Day 2 - Quebec City

Canada- Day 1 - Montreal

Sure puts a damper on Valentines Day...  I guess with global warming comes global cooling.  Sure seems chilly this winter.  That's why Microsoft created the Xbox360.

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