A Champion emerges…

Are you enjoying the Apple commercials?  You know, the ones that make fun of the PC and now Windows Vista.  Are you surprised Microsoft hasn't gone on the offensive?  Well, Charlie couldn't take it anymore.  See "I Hate Macs" written by Charlie Booker.  Is he right?

I have never purchased an Apple computer.  I guess I'm not kewl.

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  1. Charles Martin says:

    Numbers speak more than claims.  Consider how easy it is to find a PC, purchase it, locate software you wish to buy and purchase those and take them home right away.  Macs are much harder to locate, the software choices are limited and usually you find you have to buy the software over the net to get what you want.

    However, I switched to a Mac to learn a new operating system (I already have Ubuntu server "running" [read: frustrating the hell out of me] on my old Windows box) and I was able to easily port over my FireFox and Thunderbird profiles.  I was completely impressed when I had to reinstall the OS (I had used a free utility that deleted the wrong files) and it copied my old profile and software to a backup folder, installed the OS and immediately restored all of my settings and software.  Everything was immediately working as before.

    As for the ease of locating software, has anyone actually gone to CompUSA and picked up Macromedia Flash lately?  No?  That’s because they’ve reduced their own software collection (which was my main reason to go to the company that used to be called SoftWarehouse back in the early 90s) and you have to order the software on the net (not on their website tho) despite the fact they offer classes in the software you can’t buy at their store.

    I’m frustrated with locating accessories and software for my Mac, but just as frustrated with computer places that now drift away from computer inventory for the pricier HD TVs, sound systems, and crap I could care less about.

    Oh, and my Macbook has frozen on me several times (just selecting Shutdown, pressing enter and closing the laptop doesn’t mean it shuts down; no, the minute you close the laptop, it goes to sleep, even in the middle of shutdown; that caused my battery to go dead).  It has its quirks and I may still wipe my Ubuntu server and reinstall WinXPPro just to have a webserver that is much easier to setup than on Ubuntu.

    End of soapbox.

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