Will the real language translator please stand up?

Have you looked at the list of postings at http://blogs.technet.com lately?  There's at least ten different regions of the world posting in that aggregated list.  The problem is, that although I read and write close to ten languages, they're all computer languages.

So how would you solve this problem?

My first notion was to allow me to filter the list, and only show me my preferred language.  Well, that pretty much sucks because I can tell from some of those postings that they are topics that interest me.

I brought this issue up over six months ago.  At that time, I suggested we need some profiling and a real time (or near real time) translation.  For instance, the Russian team has been going crazy growing their community.  Lots of postings...  I need a profile that says, "Keith is a Texas dude", so translate Russian or any other non English language post on the fly so he can read it.

Those little excerpts would need to be translated since they are the teasers.  Then if I click the blog or post link, it would need to be translated on the fly.  Search would also be an issue.

Is anyone doing such a thing?  If so, let me know.

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  1. Keith Combs says:


    That of course proves my point perfectly.  It’s great to see a filter like that, if you can read Russian.  Since I don’t, it just shows me everything I’m missing.  I need something that translates all of those posts from Russian to English.  I would assume there are a number of Russian folks that might benefit from an English to Russian translator as well.

    I see no point in duplicating the data for each language so I wondered if real time translation (on demand) is possible.



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