Windows Vista Family Discount

Windows Vista Family Discount

Enjoy the security, performance, and entertainment capabilities of Windows Vista throughout your home. Purchase the Windows Vista Ultimate retail boxed product, and you can upgrade up to two additional PCs in your household to Windows Vista Home Premium for only $49.99 ($59.99 CAD) each.* Order online, and within minutes you’ll be ready to upgrade your computers at over 60% off the estimated retail price!*

Full details of this offer is at  More of the fine print is just below...

How to Order

Once you determine that you qualify for the Windows Vista Family Discount, you can order online to immediately get up to two upgrade licenses for Windows Vista Home Premium—so you can upgrade your household PCs today using the following:

  • A Windows Vista Home Premium product key (or keys), which you will receive with your Windows Vista Family Discount online order receipt

  • Your Windows Vista Ultimate DVD, which came in your Windows Vista Ultimate retail boxed product

With digital delivery of your new product key(s) and the software disc you already have, you can begin installing Windows Vista Home Premium on your additional compatible home PCs right away.

Order Now

* The Windows Vista Family Discount is available to customers in the United States and Canada who have purchased the full or upgrade Windows Vista Ultimate retail boxed product. Customers may purchase up to two additional licenses to install the Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade on other PCs within their household for $49.99 ($59.99 CAD) per upgrade license, a discount of over 60% off the estimated retail price. The price for the product excludes all taxes. You are responsible for any taxes that you are obligated to pay or that we may collect from you. Currency exchange settlements are based on your agreement with your payment method provider. Customers must use the operating systems primarily in their home, meaning the dwelling where they live, by members of their own household; for personal use; and may not transfer the operating systems to others outside their household. Offer may be discontinued at any time. Software licenses purchased through electronic transmission online or over the Internet are not eligible for a refund. View Microsoft's Retail Product Refund Guidelines.

Comments (3)

  1. CypherMike says:

    Are there any plans whatsoever to expand this internationally (not just US & Canada)? If not, why?

    I’ve been asking the same thing on Vista’s Blog, but haven’t received an answer.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    You aren’t going to like the answer, but it’s not at this time.  But never fear, I’m sure the international subs will have some creative promotions to help drive sales.  Keep the faith.

  3. CypherMike says:

    You’re definitely right I don’t like or really understand this decision, but I do thank you for your reply/blog.

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