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As many of you are aware, I actually test our stuff to make sure it's working.  I signup for my webcasts and test that process.  I signup for our live events and test that.  I have a TechNet subscription.  I do this so I can see what you see and hopefully head off any issues.

So I grabbed one of the Launch 2007 Resource Kits at my show on Thursday and just got around to testing the Office 2007 download.  I encountered the following instructions:

Office 2007 Product Download Procedure

To install your copy of Office Professional 2007 and Office Groove 2007, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link below for the product you'd like to download and install - a new window will open.
  2. On the product page, click "Try now for FREE!".
  3. Log-in to Passport (Windows Live ID).
  4. Please provide Registration information and click "Continue".
  5. On the download page, click "Download Now". Please use the Product Key provided in the kit you received at the launch event to unlock your product. Disregard the trial Product Key presented on this page*.
  6. Product download times will vary.
  7. Once the download completes, click "Continue".
  8. You will receive an email during the download process – please DISREGARD the Product Key in that email and ONLY use the Product Key provided in the kit you received at launch.

The net net is that the key you received with your kit, is the non time bombed key to use.  Sorry for any confusion on this.  I guess we decided to leverage the download area which is very very fast.  I received the download at 1.8meg per second.  Smokin.

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  1. Misty Olen says:

    Hi Keith,

    I tried sending this as an email through your contact form, but when I hit send it seemed to hang forever.  I am using Firefox though, and I know sometimes Firefox and Microsoft don’t play nice…but wanted to mention it in case there is a problem.

    I’ve been to a couple of your presentations and after spending about 45 minutes looking through Microsoft’s site for the information, I thought I would just email you.  I understand you can install the new version of Office 2007 on three computers (let me know if I’m wrong).  With Office 2007 Standard Edition, is the same true?  Does one copy work for three computers in the office?  Microsoft licensing always seems a bit confusing to me, so I would appreciate your help with this.

    By the way, we have really enjoyed the presentations you have done.


    Misty Olen

  2. Anonymous says:

    For all of you who are attending the Launch Events delivered by the Microsoft Across America Team, you

  3. Beau Blackford says:

    Both me and a friend downloaded the two files from the website provided with the resource kit that was handed out.  One file downloaded as an .exe and the other downloaded without an extension altogether.  Both of us figured that the file without an extension was just data that would be referrenced when executing the other file.  When running the one executable file, you are prompted with an option to install accounting tools or Outlook 2007 Business contact manager (which only works if 2007 is already installed).  I realized, after poking around a bit, that the file without an extension was actually the Office Pro 2007 Instalation.  Just slap an .exe on the end of it to run and all was well.  I just thought it was odd that it was downloading this way, it could be confusing…I know it was for me.  Since it happened to both of us (using IE), I figured it would be the same for all users.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    Beau, it sounds like your download didn’t complete correctly.  You should definitely receive a .exe.  I would prefer it in .iso form and some MD5 hash values for comparison.

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Misty, I don’t know, but will check.

  6. Skinny White Boy says:


    The same thing that Beau reports happened when I downloaded the 2 files. Nothing seems to be wrong with the files though. They work fine when you slap .exe at the end of the first one (X12). You might want to have "the guys" look into this because 2 is coincidence and 3 is conspiracy.

    Meanwhile, I recorded some audio in Tulsa today so you might just hear some of your audience on a podcast.

  7. Keith Combs says:

    Can you guys give me more information?  For instance, what OS and browser are you using?

  8. Kevin Wiseman says:

    Thanks for the launch event you gave in New Orleans, sir.  I thought your presentation was confortable and warm.  Anyone who did the download need only READ the instructions.  It was pretty clear.

    Thanks for the post on it anyway.

  9. Skinny White Boy says:

    For me it was: XP Pro SP2, IE 6.0.9200.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519

    Who comes up with these crazy version numbers???

  10. Beau Blackford says:

    I am running Windows XP Professional and using Internet Explorer 6.0.  I’m finding through talking to others that have attempted to download Office, that the problem is hit and miss.  Some people don’t have the issue and others do…odd.  At least the fix is simple!

  11. Beau Blackford says:

    Just another quick FYI…Microsoft might want to double check next time they call people to inform them of the event parking fees.  We were all called and told to bring $4.00 for parking at the hotel.  When we left the hotel we were all charged $8.00 instead.  Not a big deal, but some of us only had $4 and were caught in a sticky situation holding up cars.  At least I didn’t have to pawn my watch or anything…lol.

  12. Keith Combs says:

    Misty,  I reviewed the EULA during my install this evening.  It was very clear to me.  One machine only.  Sorry.

  13. Misty Olen says:

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for looking into this….I never think to read the EULA.


  14. Anonymous says:

    For the past couple of weeks, attendees of the US "Ready For A New Day" launch tour have been receiving

  15. Anonymous says:

    Somehow, the tag line for the Vista / Office 2007 Launch Tour seems appropriate as I write this blog

  16. Gordon Jeppson says:

    I have a couple of questions about the install of the free Office 2007/Groove 2007 from the Launch Event (i.e. one machine only):  

    1) Can I download to one machine and install it on another (i.e. take advantage of a faster connection)?  

    2) If I rebuild my machine or buy a new one, can I remove the first installation and install it on the rebuilt or new machine?  (This is important to me since I keep a back-up copy of any important software in case my machine crashes.)


  17. Keith Combs says:

    Gordon, there’s no problem downloading to a machine you aren’t installing on.  Regarding the second question, you might want to look into our deployment tools.  With WinPE and ImageX, you can capture an existing machine, then deploy the captured image to a new machine.  There will be some caveats because Windows Vista activation will trip due to the change of the machine configuration.

    CompletePC backup/restore might be easier.  But I haven’t done a restore to a completely different machine.  That might be a fun test for this weekend.

  18. Mike T says:

    Help – Once I hit the try it now and then get to the log in to passport – the website bombs.  I have repeatedly received the error to delete all my cookies – which I have and to no avail – I cannot download the trial software so that I can enter the key I received at the launch – very very frustrating.

    Mike T.

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