Gefen announces a Digital PVR – close-up pics

Gefen is well known in the home theatre ranks for the HDMI switches and gizmos we need for our various "needs".  Many early HDTV adopters only had one HDMI port on the back of their HDTV, so the Gefen 2to1 and 4to1 switches became rather popular.

HDTV sales have taken off, and as a result we are seeing a number of interesting offerings come out of CES.  Gefen announced some interesting units.  At, you can see they are planning on shipping a SD and a HD Personal Video Recorder.  According to the press release, you can record digital TV and use the box to copy the content in MPEG 4 format to an external USB storage device and take it with you.

The details are vague, but I'm sure someone will get their hands on one of them soon and tell us what you can really record, and what you can't.  I'd be happy with clear QAM recording.

In the meantime, checkout the close up photos Doug McKnight snapped while at the Gefen CES booth.  Here's the SD PVR front, back, and the HD PVR front.  They don't really look like the finished product to me, but we'll see soon enough.

More information is also available at

Comments (2)

  1. Michael Gannotti says:

    I will be curious to see if they are doing clear QAM or cable card and if cable card to get access to all digital (clear and encrypted) how they got sign-off for portability.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I’m guessing the portable stuff will be down sampled but you never know.  Considering how the press release reads, and the fact more and more home HD video recorders are coming on the market, there is hope…  đź™‚

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