CES thoughts from the first day

Like many of you other nerds, I surfed a bit yesterday while I watched the Jets get destroyed.  I didn't even bother to watch the Philly game because I knew how it would turn out.  I reviewed the CES coverage at engadget.  I looked around at the articles on gizmodo.

What am I rushing out to buy?  Most of the stuff I see is too expensive for my wallet.  Some of the machines that are coming out have high hardware margins written all over them.

I mean after all, you need to be in the big B club to afford one of the new Sharp 108" LCD HDTV's because $70,000 is pocket change for the truly rich, right?

Sure, the OQO Model 2 pictured at right running Windows Vista looks rad, but at what cost?  Try about $2000 configured the way I'd order it with an accessory pack.  Maybe Microsoft will buy me one. 

Sony announced some kewl devices.  They always have neat stuff.  Their new living room PC is small, white and cute.  Their new Micro PC is awesome but expensive as hell.  Their new video editing system is rad and the XL3 DVR is way kewl, but at $3300, I'll have to wait for a discount coupon... like forever.

The new HP Microsoft Home Server (pictured at left) sounds interesting, but I'm holding out for a bad ass HDTV recording rig.  I'm hoping we'll get some news today on the Windows Vista Digital Cable Tuner offerings from Dell, HP, etc.  Then I can finally figure out if I'm going to have to sell my Harley or what. 

Oh, and as you might suspect, Microsoft announced a few things.  We announced some new services coming to the Xbox family.  Namely something we're calling IPTV for the Xbox.  I don't recall if Robbie said the current generation Xbox360 would work or if the next gen Xbox360 would be required.  I thought I recall him saying it would be up and running next holiday season.  Maybe that's a hint.  It probably doesn't matter much for me anyway.  I'd be surprised if Charter Communications or Verizon will be selling the service in my area.

Anyway, I'm sitting here looking at all of these gadgets and wondering who can afford all this stuff.  Beyond my realm for sure.

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