Interested in Windows Vista Digital Cable? Check this out!!!

Ok, so you invested in Windows XP Media Center 2005.  You've been using a lovely analog tuner for a while and finally purchased a HD tuner and have endured over-the-air programming (OTA) for the past couple of years.  Sure, OTA high definition TV is better than nothing, and it sure beats a 120GB HD DVR from the local cable company.  But your lust for premium cable channels has been gnawing at you for months...  What do you do?

Well, if you haven't been paying attention to the Internet this weekend, then you should check out the post at  Looks like someone received a nice package from Microsoft (as evidenced by the MS Asset tag).

Robert, we are jealous as hell.  Now that we know you have it, tell us how well it works.

[UPDATE] Be careful what you wish for...  When you have an exclusive on a product, and engadget points to you, you are going to get "some" traffic.  Apparently the server is having some scale issues.  I get a "Critical Error: Data Store Unavailable" when I try to go there.  Bummer Robert.

Comments (2)

  1. Michael Gannotti says:

    I am joining you in the jealous department. Been a field eHome champ/evangelist for years and still haven’t gotten to touch this stuff yet 🙁

  2. Robert McLaws says:

    Sorry about that. It’s back up now.

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