Congrats to the Pats !!!

Congratulations to the New England Patriots!!!  Awesome season. Can anyone stop these guys?


Merry Christmas !!!

I know this is a bit late in the day, but Santa’s helpers have been busy.  I hope each and every one of you have had a chance to reflect on the true meaning of this day, hug someone close or even a complete stranger.  My wife and I got a wonderful phone call today…


HP 6910p notebook received – first impressions

Santa keeps bringing me toys and it isn’t even Christmas yet.  This time I received the long awaited HP 6910p notebook computer.  I like to do first impression posts pretty quickly on new hardware because first impressions count, and I forget about the out of box experience later. In the spirit of transparency you should…


Office:mac 2008 RTM’s – coming in January

Last week our Mac Business Unit (MacBU) completed Office:mac 2008.  This was released to the manufacturing process which means the elves are busy getting it ready.  No, Santa isn’t going to bring it for Christmas so you don’t need to worry if you’ve been naughty or nice. We do however plan to have it ready…


Merry Cluster Christmas !!!

Are you into big iron?  Well, if you are the heavy metal sort and get your jollies by building clustered server configurations, then we have new tools for your tool belt.  The latest tool you should be checking out is known as Hyper-V.  It’s part of the latest shipment of Windows Server 2008 RC1. Fortunately…


Would someone please bring a good phone to the US ?

Let’s face it, the Windows Mobile device market in the US just isn’t as fun as the markets in other parts of the world.  Sure the Apple iPhone is fun and popular, but it doesn’t sync my email.  I’d like a kewl phone that is first and foremost, a phone.  I would like it to…


Verizon FIOS Turns Three – ups the ante

The Verizon fiber optic data service called FIOS is having it’s third birthday here in the US, and to celebrate, Verizon is rolling out new plans.  I’ll be calling them later this morning and if the news is true, I’ll have to decide what new service I want.  Considering uploading video and other large binary…


Happy Blahg Birthday !!!

My blog has a birthday today.  It’s three years old, but in blog years I think that makes it about 24 or something.  I still remember the first two posts at like they were yesterday.  I was trying to figure out what to write.  Then it hit me, just WRITE !!! Write about nerd stuff…


Dell XPS 420 First Impressions

My first impressions of the Dell XPS 420 can be summed up in one word, “Solid !”  I’ve only completed a couple of phases in my new machines metamorphosis, but so far I’m pretty impressed with the machine and it’s future.  So let’s dive into what it was like when I received it, and the…