Have you registered for the Microsoft 2007 Launch events?

In just a few short weeks we’ll be coming to a city near you, or at least many of you.  Make sure you’ve registered for the launch events because I seriously doubt there will be much chance of getting in on a walk-in basis.  A number of my southern brethren have asked how to go…


Can your data center handle a hurricane? Ours can

Usually we discuss hurricane or typhoon force winds in the warm tropical climates of the world.  Well, unless you haven’t been paying attention, Seattle and surrounding areas got hammered about 24 hours ago and a lot of essential services are still being affected.  People got killed and the area will take days to recover.  I…


Seattle wind storm – webcasts canceled

FYI, there was a rather serious storm last night in the Pacific Northwest area of the US.  As a result, many people are without power and that is having an impact on a variety of services. As I understand it, we won’t be delivering the 10 webcasts that were scheduled for today.  A lack of…

New USA Rules of Civil Procedure

Make sure you take some time looking at Kai Axford’s recent blog post.  As Kai reminds us, there are some new rules that went into effect on December 1st, 2006 that impact when and how email may be deleted.  Kai links to some other articles on the subject.  Check it out.


The scariest phone call a parent can get

Saturday morning at 1:30am…  “Hello, this is the Ft. Worth police…”.  If those type of calls don’t get your blood pumping, the scene of my daughters wreck 30 minutes later will.  We arrive on the scene and I see the Honda Civic had been rolled and crushed.  My first thought was, “Who got killed?  How is…


The Trifecta is done – Exchange Server 2007 RTMs

It’s an exciting time.  First there was Office 2007, then Windows Vista.  Now we have released Exchange Server 2007 to our manufacturing process.  I’m sure we’ll have the RTM bits on the TechNet and MSDN download centers soon for you online subscribers.  Hint hint.

New Halo 3 Trailer – Halo 3 Public Beta Signup information

Humanity is about to experience another exciting look at the world of Halo® 3, one of the most anticipated entertainment launches for 2007. Airing in North America, Monday, December 4 on ESPN’s Monday Night Football and Xbox.com in Europe, the new 60-second Halo 3 trailer offers an exclusive look at the iconic Halo universe and…


Come out with yer hands up!!!

There is an interesting side effect of some advertising programming at http://gamespot.com/ps3.  Since I’m sure it will be “fixed” before too long, I grabbed a screenshot for your pleasure.   We have you surrounded PS3.  🙂


Ready for a new day?

Yesterday is was 80 degrees at my house.  Today it’s a little different.  We’ll be in the single digit chill factors by this afternoon.  That’s a pretty big swing even by Texas standards.  We call that a “Blue Norther”.  See http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USTX0474 for the current mess.  I’m ready for a new day already. Oh, and today is…