My HDTV Final Destination

Introduction I started my adventure many months ago.  It was one of those trips without a specific destination.  Those are my favorite kind of trips.  Because I’m a nerd, research and planning always comes into the equation.  Sometimes it is best to avoid those feelings and let lust take over.  I did that with my Infiniti…


Do 2gig SoDIMMs really exist?

I keep reading about the new laptops that are coming to market in the next 8 weeks.  Some of the specs for those machines are pretty impressive.  Dual core, fast graphics, Serial ATA drive interfaces, and lots of fast memory support.  More memory support really caught my eye because as you well know, our demo…


We Share Your Pain (WSYP) v1.0

Who says the British have a dry sense of humor?  I’ve been playing a funny video at my live seminars and people are constantly asking me where to get a copy.  Ok folks, head over to and check it out.  Rumor has it that v1.5 will have some added features for presenters. 

Smart Alecs

Ok, you guys should know better than to think just because my last blog post just happened to coincide with my arrival back home, a new Xbox360, and three weeks of vacation that it was the reason, right? Well, during the last three weeks of December I was on holiday, but I actually didn’t play…