Merry Christmas again – how about an Adminpack ?

Merry Christmas world!  Anyone get a really kewl toy?  How about a new Ferrari?  No?  Well the Microsoft Windows team didn't want you to feel left out so they have finally released the information about how to install the Administrator Pack for Windows Server 2003 so that it will run on Windows Vista.

See for the details and installation gotchas.

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  1. acchong says:


    The KB article only mention about how to install Windows server 2003 adminpak on Vista and known issue with the adminpak on Vista.

    It didn’t mention anything about new release of adminpak for Vista.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Point taken.  I added a few words to clarify what was released.

  3. RSS says:

    id love one thank you

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    Humm what about the SMS 2003 tools, SQL 2005 tools? I am suffering here…no love for net admins trying to get vista rolling

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