Have you registered for the Microsoft 2007 Launch events?

In just a few short weeks we'll be coming to a city near you, or at least many of you.  Make sure you've registered for the launch events because I seriously doubt there will be much chance of getting in on a walk-in basis.  A number of my southern brethren have asked how to go about registering.  You have to work at it a bit, but the key area is as follows:


Make sure to pick a role applicable to your job.  If you don't find one, please use one that is close.  After that, you'll get the map of the US so click on your state.  You should see a popup of the events.  The map and event list popup is using Flash so make sure you have that installed.

In the case of Texas, we'll be going to my birthplace first.  Houston starts off the Lone Star State tour on 2/13/2007.  After that we hit Dallas on 2/21, San Antonio on 2/27 and Austin on 3/1.

For those of you from gator country in Louisiana, we'll be in New Orleans on 1/16/2007 and Baton Rouge on 1/18.

Oklahoma City is on 1/23 and we visit Tulsa on 1/25.

Sorry Arkansas, for some reason there is not event planned in the January though March timeframe.

Comments (2)

  1. Amanda Maddox says:

    I went to the website http://www.microsoft.com/business/launch2007/signup/default.mspx To sign up for the Dallas / Fort Worth Launch.  

    When I click on Texas, I only see the events in San Antonio and Austin.  Is the one in Dallas on 2/21 not available?

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