Can your data center handle a hurricane? Ours can

Usually we discuss hurricane or typhoon force winds in the warm tropical climates of the world.  Well, unless you haven't been paying attention, Seattle and surrounding areas got hammered about 24 hours ago and a lot of essential services are still being affected.  People got killed and the area will take days to recover.  I am sad about that.

From an IT perspective, it's been interesting to watch from 1600 miles away.  It has effected some of our services.  We canceled the webcasts on Friday.  My blog pictures are gone because my ISP has been done due to a lack of power.  Power in our office buildings in Redmond is sparse but a few folks did find places to jack in and get power.

One thing that has not been down is email.  In fact, many of our internal servers have been up round the clock.  I've been using email all day.  I submitted an order for some software and hardware for a project.  I attended LiveMeeting online conferences to discuss our launch events.  I've been in and out of our sharepoint and file servers via VPN all day.  In fact, I'm pulling a massive content session off a server in the Redmond data center as we speak using a multithreaded copy tool and it's clipping along at about 650k per second.

Now lets reflect upon that for a second...  We have literally thousands of servers in the data center and from where I sit, there has been zero impact to my day.  When people talk about mission critical, this is what it's all about.  Those services above are using Microsoft email, web, database and portal services all run in a data center of dedicated IT Pros.

In short, the Microsoft IT folks freaking rock baby!!!

I'm sure we'll have all kinds of interesting stories about this storm.  It's sad to see there was loss of life.  It's also sad so many people are going to be inconvenienced for many days ahead.  I hope the recovery is swift, and Seattle people can have a decent Christmas. 

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