Windows Vista and Office 2007 free promotion

Yes, you read that correctly.  We have a viral promotion site that will ship you a free copy of Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 if you complete the requirements listed. 

As always, this promotion is limited by the number of copies available and there is a deadline.  Looks like a pretty simple requirement.  Watch three webcasts for Windows Vista and watch three webcasts for Office 2007.

I haven't watched the webcasts yet so I don't know how much time is involved, but I doubt the time requirement is very high.  I'm sure it's less than the required training I just completed today. 

[UPDATE] Links pulled until I've confirmed this is legit or not. 

[UPDATE to the update] I verified the website is indeed a Microsoft property created by one of our marketing agencies.

The website is located at and the promotion fine print is at

Comments (4)

  1. Rob says:

    I saw this via another site and clicked thru… Immediately I got a certificate error so I figured it was bogus..  Plus the url was missing the "www" part but I suppose that was the link that was doing that.  That’s probably what was causing the cert error too, come to think of it.  I’ve been lured to enough phishing sites that I balked at this until I saw your confirmation.

  2. Josh Maher says:

    That is a cool program, thanks for verifying!!

  3. Nathan Novak says:

    This was/is indeed valid – I know the folks who put it together.  The errors you saw were because it was way more successfull than they were planning.  đź™‚  From what I hear the Vista and Office signups are now full, so thanks for playing.

  4. Bob Hazlewood says:

    Just checked the link – the offer is "sold out".  <sigh> So much for better late than never.

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