Ready for a new day?

Yesterday is was 80 degrees at my house.  Today it's a little different.  We'll be in the single digit chill factors by this afternoon.  That's a pretty big swing even by Texas standards.  We call that a "Blue Norther".  See for the current mess.  I'm ready for a new day already.

Oh, and today is a new day for other reasons.  Unless you've been super busy, you probably know today is the first day of availability for Windows Vista and Office 2007.  See for the launch website blog complete with videos from the event in New York City.

I wonder who got the first production support call today?  Bet it's an ImageX question.

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  1. Ross'RosCo'Chronister says:

    Cold up here in Okie Land, I hope we don’t get all that ice they are forecasting. If it snows, then I can make snow ice cream! With the weather bad, I haven’t made too many house calls so I have been playing Medal Of Honor Allied Assault on my Vista box without too many problems. Great old game, and what a great new OS.

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