Office 2007 GPO Admin templates now available

I would imagine many of you are going to become intimate with Office 2007 and Windows Vista deployment over the next year.  Get your knowledge jump started by looking at the templates for Office 2007.

See for that all powerful download button.

Comments (2)

  1. funnybroad says:

    I am looking for 2 spreadsheets that document the group policies as defined

    in the Office ADM policy template files, and that document the user interface

    option settings available in Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

    These spreadsheets exist for Office 2003, and are downloadable on Technet

    from this link:

    The filenames are:

    Office 2003 Group Policies.xls

    Office 2003 UI Options.xls

    I am NOT looking for the 2003 versions…. I am looking for the 2007

    versions of these spreadsheets (if they exist).

    Thanks in advance…

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