English x86 Windows Vista now available for download

For those of you that took my advice, you'll notice the TechNet Plus download area now has the English x86 version of Windows Vista. 

After downloading and burning the .iso file to DVD, you'll be able to install several of the SKU's.  Product ID's can be contained for the following:

  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Ultimate

So get to downloading people !!!

[UPDATE] Some sneaky person added the x64 version after I posted this.  Kewl!!! For those of you with one of those hot new Core 2 Duo processors, check to see if your new machine with run the x64 version.  I can't wait to have a laptop with 8GB of addressable memory.  Then I can run like 10 virtual machines.  🙂

Comments (1)

  1. benwatt says:

    Hey, now that’s more like it. Both the Office 2007 RTM, and now the Vista RTM appearing in a timely manner on the Technet Downloads!

    I’ll be nuking my RC1 install on my laptop this weekend and taking the RTM for a spin – shame it’s clashing with the UK Gears of War release too though 😉

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