Will Santa have enough Zune’s?

So what's the verdict?  Fast forward 3 weeks...  Are any Zune's to be had other than those on eBay?  I know where a stash is.  I could have purchased 20 today.  Will they be worth $350 in three weeks?

Ok, for the record, I would never profit on a product like that.  If anything, I would buy them and sell them to my friends in Redmond for cost.  Imagine competing with 20,000 other nerds each product launch in Seattle.  No thanks. 

From the reviews I've read, it appears we have a decent product launch going.  As with most gadgets, there have been a few issues reported.  For those of you looking for the Windows Vista Zune software, you'll have to wait a bit, we're still working on that version of the PC software.

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