Anyone else have a 1.5 terabyte laptop?

My team is in final launch content lockdown.  Part of that process involves functional as well as performance testing of the laptop platform we use.  On the performance side, we test the demos with a single laptop, multiple laptops, and other hardware.  Obviously one of the goals is to spot bottlenecks.  CPU, memory and disk testing is important.

I have a number of hard drives and just for fun, I connected a bunch to my Lenovo ThinkPad T60p.  In the disk management screenshot, you'll see I have 1.5 terabytes of connected storage and three DVD burners.  With the SIIG ExpressCard eSATA RAID card, I could actually connect a pretty impressive storage array.

Most likely I'll be doing my shows next January and beyond with the eSATA solution so if you are interested, let me know.  It's about six times faster that any of my other USB or Firewire connected drives.  Kewl stuff for sure.

Nerds rule!!!

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