Come out with yer hands up!!!

There is an interesting side effect of some advertising programming at  Since I’m sure it will be “fixed” before too long, I grabbed a screenshot for your pleasure.   We have you surrounded PS3.  🙂


Ready for a new day?

Yesterday is was 80 degrees at my house.  Today it’s a little different.  We’ll be in the single digit chill factors by this afternoon.  That’s a pretty big swing even by Texas standards.  We call that a “Blue Norther”.  See for the current mess.  I’m ready for a new day already. Oh, and today is…


Windows Vista and Office 2007 free promotion

Yes, you read that correctly.  We have a viral promotion site that will ship you a free copy of Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 if you complete the requirements listed.  As always, this promotion is limited by the number of copies available and there is a deadline.  Looks like a pretty simple…


The holiday is over – back to work

I don’t know about you, but vacations never seem long enough and going back to work is hard.  You know, it’s like kick starting a motorcycle that’s been sitting in the garage too long.  Lots of kicks before it finally comes to life. In my case, the past couple of weeks have been filled with…


Windows Vista – group policy settings spreadsheet here

Here’s a nifty spreadsheet for IT Pros.  It’s the list of all of the Windows Vista Group policy settings.  Actually, there are more settings in the spread than for just Windows Vista.  Download it.  Study it.  There will be a test on Friday.  Here’s the first question: How many GPO settings for Windows Vista force…


Thanksgiving = Drama

I need to write a script for a new National Lampoon movie.  This year has been exceptional.  🙂


Let the real Windows Vista testing begin

It’s my favorite time of year…  nerds know what I’m talking about…  It’s the time of the year when the grass and weeds stop growing so you don’t have to cut the yard, the air conditioner stops running, football and beer is in full swing…  Isn’t Fall and Winter great? It’s also the time of…


The HDTV holy grail of 1080p

1080p nirvana has been reached in the HDTV market.  This is happening at a time when the HDTV sweet spot is about to be reached.  So lets talk about each for a moment. First, the sweet spot.  It’s generally recognized in the high def industry (and by the analyst), that when HDTV LCD, DLP and…


Office 2007 GPO Admin templates now available

I would imagine many of you are going to become intimate with Office 2007 and Windows Vista deployment over the next year.  Get your knowledge jump started by looking at the templates for Office 2007. See for that all powerful download button.